Helping the wishful thinker, become a edificed dreamer. 

Our approach toward creative, centers around content consumption taking on the challenge of creating interest around an idea that often times nobody wants to hear. The active building concept allow us to create unique personal interaction experiences that’s smart, useful, entertaining or maybe even all of these things. 

We build active individuals by leveraging a variety of digital media building techniques that allow us to take you; through music, content, product or information and place it front and center of your customers which effectively aid in the elimination of the clutter life brings. Because every client is different, we focus on building strong relationships to better appreciate your individual demands and expectations. Our standards are kept exceptionally high to surpass your expectations. Continuously challenging our team to push beyond help us move you closer to your consumers. 


Here at DEW-U! / GSG and Associates LLC we celebrate a diversity through music and art, allowing us to build teams of thinkers who bring in unique perspectives to our projects. This is core behind building active brands. With this foundation in place we are able to create experiences around a brand's music, content, product, service or information. Our job to make sure that your brand gets noticed and make money.